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Audio/ Video Students/ Professionals Wanted!

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Sep. 11th, 2006 | 09:51 am
posted by: beekerzwhirled in eastcarolina

Summit Professional Education is currently seeking someone to edit current audio and video seminar footage, remove background noise, fix skipping in DVD copies - we do have the originally recorded tapes, strip and redo voiceovers. Down the road we will also need someone that can digitally create and edit interviews and match Powerpoint slides to an audio feed. Also we are going to be posting the audio and video seminars on our website.

This is perfect for students wanting to build their portfolio! It is contract work of varying lengths for each project. Even if you do not have experience doing everything, we are still interested.

I am a graphics designer and have absolutely no background in audio/ video editing, so my terminology is probably way off and I apologize for that. That is why we need you!

Please respond with a few pieces of your portfolio and a resume/ CV so we can see what experience you have. Our main office is located in Apex, NC.

You can either comment here or email me: rebecca at summit-education dot com.

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